Assistant Coach: Joyce Boucher



Joyce has been with the East Bay United Futbol Club for six years; the first three years were coaching girls teams ages U12 – U18 and the last two years have been coaching boys teams ages U13 – U19.  Joyce has also worked with goalie training for the East Bay United FC team goalie training sessions in the fall and spring.

Joyce is currently pursuing her Class E license.  Her logistics skills have been used to help develop and document training packages for goalie skills, as well as set plays and team training skills.  These packages are used by the coaches to teach the players new skills and plays.  At the end of the training session, they are distributed to the players to work on their skills while away from the team.  These packets allow the players to review the required skills, look at the steps and practice the plays so they are doing the work with the correct form, thereby practicing correctly so they retain good technique.

Joyce works with any of the players that are preparing to play soccer at the college level.  She has procedures in place to help the clubs players be primed for everything the college coaches are looking for.