Providing our players with a pathway to Europe and the Next Level!

– Partnership brings many benefits to our players and coaches!

Stoke City is the second oldest football club in the world. They’re firmly entrenched in the English Premier League. And now, they’re continuing to be East Bay United FC’s partner.

East Bay United FC partnership is a great opportunity for our club as it brings the club to the next level.  Our coaches will have the opportunity and resources to learn from a professional club and our players will have the exposure, opportunity, and guidance to play professional soccer.  Last year our coaches participated in a coaches’ training session with our Stoke City coach which was highly beneficial to our coaching staff.

This partnership will continue to improve over the course of the year as the relationship matures. We are all very excited to continue this partnership.

Stoke City is where our own Geoff Cameron (coached by Coach Stacey DeCastro and a former player from East Bay United FC) plays.

We look forward to the exchange of information, exchange of ideas between both clubs.

Benefits of knowledge sharing, regular visits and coaching content to support the growth of players and coaches.
East Bay United FC’s coaches and players will have the opportunity to work with the Academy coaches of Stoke City in both North America and the United Kingdom, offering an insight into the player development program of one of England’s top football Academies.

Our Players will have the opportunity to participate in the Stoke City Player “I.D” Camp – this camp was extremely successful last year, there were three players from East Bay United that were invited to the National ID Camp.

Stoke City Coaching Education will be shared with our coaches.

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and much, much, more!