Coach Dave Souza



Head Coach   



Dave has been with the East Bay United Futbol Club for four years coaching the boy’s teams ranging in ages from under 12 – 18.  Dave also has many years of experience coaching players on town recreational teams and town competitive level teams.  Over the years, his teams have won 10 different titles with an additional 4 indoor titles.  He recently coached Somerset Middle school with an impressive 13 and 2 record.

Dave retains a Class E license and is pursuing his Class D license. 

Dave played soccer and other sports while in high school and on a college level while attending UMass Dartmouth.  Dave also plays on a men’s league and has been participating in them for most of his adult life.

Dave has a full understanding of the game as he is also a licensed referee.  This is a skill that is frequently utilized while instructing his players as he refers to the “rules of the game” from the FIFA manual as he instructs his players.  The players know what is and is not allowed on the pitch from the instructions they receive from him.  Dave has very good team building skills and makes the most of this quality while dealing with the teams he coaches.  He will let players know what they need to work on as both individuals and as a team and he always has a fun team building exercise ready for the players at practices.  The payoff has been taking many of his teams to finals and ultimately winning many championships.