EBU 2018 Pre-Season Soccer Camp

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Monday, August 13th   – Thursday, August 16th   
For Boys & Girls Ages: 5 – 18
Birth Years 2000 to 2013
Monday – Thursday: 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Fee for East Bay United Players – $99
Fee for Non EBU Players – $125

**Camp will be held at Highlander School 360 Market St Warren, RI**

The training program delivered at the East Bay United FC Soccer Camps aims to let all participants express their full technical, tactical and physical potential no matter their skill level.
The training sessions at the East Bay United soccer camps motto is: Practice So Hard! That The Game Becomes Easy.

Camp will

  • Teach and correctly demonstrate the skills needed to improve the player’s individual technique. Individual creativity is encouraged among our campers in order to develop confidence and a more positive attitude toward the game of soccer.
  • Work on tactical development using small-sided games that will allow the players to learn in a game environment
  • Small and full sided games to allow the players to demonstrate the technique and tactics learned
  • Camp strives to teach the campers the skills that they need to improve, as well as, teach and demonstrate how to use those skills in the game. A high level of competition, plus outstanding instruction, offers an unparalleled learning opportunity. This camp is ideal for individuals and teams looking for the edge in the upcoming season!

General Camp Style Daily Session

  1. Warm up with the ball
  2. Stretch
  3. Fitness (examples)
    1. Jogging
    2. Plyometric training
    3. Abdominal strengthening
    4. Anaerobic and aerobic conditioning
    5. Agility
    6. Squad Training
    7. Building Ankle and Leg Strength
  4. Drills with ball (examples)
    1. Dribbling
    2. Turning
    3. Inside of foot
    4. Outside of foot
    5. Passing
    6. Heading (age appropriate only)
    7. Corner kicks
    8. Free kicks
    9. Throw ins
  5. Games
    1. Keep away games
    2. Small or full sided games 3v3, 4v4, 6v6, 7v7, 9v9, or 11v11
  6. Cool down

Items To Bring
• Proper Soccer Gear (Cleats, Shinguards, and Ball)

Cancellations / Refunds
Cancellations the week of camp are not refundable. NO REFUNDS will be given to campers who leave camp voluntarily or who are removed for disciplinary reasons.
For more information, please contact
eastbayunitedfc@gmail.com or call 401-640-4865